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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

why do you wear purple?

I wear purple because the six letter, two syllable 'c' word was enough to change my entire life. and it continues to change others every day.

I wear purple because nobody should have to watch their family, their friends, their neighbors die from cancer.

I wear purple because the words chemotherapy, radiation, oncology, and limited time went from being words that I had to look up in the dictionary to words that I used in everyday conversation. The change happened far too fast, far too young.

I wear purple because I met Anna, because her spirit and strength changed my outlook on pretty much everything, because losing her impacted me in ways that I didn't even think possible.

I wear purple because to this day, almost three years since we lost Anna, I still wear her bracelet. My heart still skips a beat when the clock flashes 12:12, in memory of the prayer I used to say daily that she would get better. I still smile every time I hear the song "Float On" because I know in that moment she is right there beside me. 

I wear purple because the American Cancer Society has become a part of me. The hope and healing that it provides everyday is something I live by and work constantly to spread to others.

I wear purple because last year I watched my best friend ride the roller coaster that is cancer with his mom and ultimately lose her in the end. I wear purple because I would do anything in this world to take his pain away. 

I wear purple because according to the American Cancer Society there is an estimated 1,665,540 people who will hear the words "you have cancer." 585,720 of those people will have family members who get "the call." The one where they have to hear the words that their loved ones are finally without pain and suffering because they have left this earthly life.

I wear purple because I have received that call too many times and people I love have received that call too many times.

I wear purple because cancer sucks.

I wear purple because I have faith that together we can make a difference. Together we can create a world with less cancer. 

Today people unite all across the world on World Cancer Day in order to show their support of those fighting, those who we have lost, and those who have survived this awful disease. We all have different reasons for wearing purple, every cancer story is a little bit different. Why do you wear purple?

If you haven't already, purple you profile by joining the fight with Chevrolet, who will be donating up to $1 million to the American Cancer Society for every social media profile turned purple, the color of cancer survival. 

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer" Romans 12:12

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