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Saturday, March 29, 2014

100 Happy Days

While I was filling out a job application the other day I had to answer a series of 50 questions on a scale of 1-5. One of the questions I came to was "would your coworkers describe you as someone who is always happy?" and it definitely made me think for a minute. Once upon a time my answer would have been an obvious yes, 5, completely agree. This time though I had to really stop and think about whether or not I still gave off the happy go lucky, smiling persona I used to have 100% of the time. And that upset me more than it should. I used to pride myself on always smiling and in turn making others smile, and I can't confidently say 100% that I still do that all the time. 

As always, God has a way of sending me a sign exactly when I need it and as I was spending my lazy saturday checking all my forms of social media, I came across a friend posting with #100happydays. I followed her links and came across the 100 happy days challenge. And naturally I immediately fell in love with the idea. It is a challenge set up to get you to think about something that makes you happy every single day for 100 days in a row and either send it in privately or share it with others through social media. I adore the idea of trying to come up with something that makes me smile every single day, and taking 5 minutes out of a busy day to make sure I have time to reflect on things that still make me happy.

So as of today I will be joining that 100 Happy Days challenge and encourage those who are having a hard time getting through the day lately to join me. I will be posting through my instagram (kelshau) and am sure I will be blogging about the process as well. In the end I still do consider myself a happy person. Maybe a little more grown up, and definitely a lot less naive, but still happy. Sometimes its a little bit harder to get through the day, but I know I am still incredibly blessed with the life I have and the people I am spending it with. Today I will start the challenge with a picture of the happiest part of my life, my family. I miss them terribly most of the time, but their phone calls, snap chats, and my countdown until the next time we are reunited make me happier than anything in this world., 

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