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Monday, April 16, 2012

friends flowers and fashion

the first week back after a break is always a rough one at school, so when the weekend finally rolled around I was ecstatic! One of the major benefits of going to school in Wisconsin is that the gorgeous city of Chicago is only a short drive away. That being said, it only made sense for my girlfriends and I to capitalize on this small fact and head to Chi-town for the day.

we enjoyed lunch at a pizza place that reminded me of some of my favorite childhood memories and then hit Michigan Street for some much needed shopping. 

The city was absolutely beautiful in it's springtime glow. Tulips decorated almost every street corner and the other pedestrians were full of smiles and friendliness. It was the perfect day and I got to spend it with some of the greatest girls I know. 

While we were shopping, we ran into a fellow Marquette alumni, education major and someone who happened to have gone through the same summer program as I did (FFP). This small world and Mary's endless enthusiasm was my glimpse of hope this week. She raved about Marquette and the FFP program and we exchanged emails so that we can share stories and pictures about our time at Marquette. Mary was a picture of what my future could be, and what a fabulous future that is! I loved every moment of Saturday and it gave me the extra push I need to get through these last couple weeks of school before finals. 

A special thanks to the beautiful ladies that always have my back, Catherine and Shannon. These girls alone give me hope that I can handle anything with them by my side. Make sure to comment and share your glimpses of hope this week :)

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