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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

love from home

The hardest part of going to school so far away from home, for me, is missing out on my sister's lives. This weekend was my little sister's best friend's junior prom and I wish more than anything that I could have been there. It does not even compare to actually getting to be there, but she finally uploaded pictures to Facebook today and I had a blast creeping through all her "Kodak moments." 

My baby sisters, Meaghan and Caroline, are my glimpses of hope this week. The young, often immature girls that I left in August when I went to school have turned into two of the most incredible young ladies I have ever met. Obviously, I am very biased because they are my sisters, but I am continuously amazed with how much both of them have grown while I have been away, which is so bittersweet. Seeing Meaghan dressed up for Junior Prom is almost unfathomable to me, it was just yesterday we were playing around in our princess dresses and sneaking into my mom's makeup drawer. Meaghan continues to amaze me on a daily basis. While she prepares this week for her big dance show and plays an active role in the preparation for a huge fundraiser, Relay for Life, I could not be more proud to call her my little sis. 

These two beauties have overcome so much in the last year and their strength and grace that they have exuded during the hard times are giving me hope this week. I am the older sister and supposed to be the role model, but the two of them have taught me so much about love and life this year, without even knowing it. Caroline is only 12 years old and I constantly find myself amazed by the insight she has about life. She will say things and I just sit there in awe of how grown up she is. I am so blessed to have such incredible sisters in my life (I have three others, don't worry girls I will get to you soon), and I truly do not know how I would get through days without them. 

And as if my this week wasn't full of enough hope and happiness, I received my favorite thing in my mailbox today, a package slip! Thanks mom and dad for the love from home <3

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